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Office Password Recovery Lastic

Tip: Also you could try to use online password recovery service Password-Find 

Crack MS Access Database Password

Microsoft Access is a simple yet powerful database engine. Office Password Recovery Lastic can recover both database passwords and individual user passwords. Once you have performed a search, the program lists all Access databases (MDB files) and workgroups (MDW files) in the Summary mode.

When you select Access databases in the Summary mode you should see the following list:

Crack MS Access password

Office Password Recovery Lastic automatically recovers all passwords to open in all MDB files found and shows them in the list. Note that the unregistered demo version of the program doesn’t allow you to crack MS Access password longer than 3 characters. You will see the <demo> label in the list next to such passwords.

Any recovered password can be copied into the clipboard from the context menu, or by clicking the Copy button on the toolbar.

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