Password Recovery Tools

Office Password Recovery Lastic is a fast and simple password recovery tool for the main Microsoft Office products. The software fully supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access files and recovers their passwords without a hitch. Password recovery for the embedded VBA projects is also supported. In addition the tool offers a 100% secure online password cracking service which allows to crack passwords to open MS Word and MS Excel documents almost instantly.

Excel Password Recovery Lastic never lets you fall a victim of your own forgetfulness. It quickly recovers or removes Excel passwords of various types and lets you open the document right away. One of the most important features of the program is the support for multiple documents. With it, it doesn’t matter whether you crack one document or hundreds of them – you still need merely two clicks for that!

Word Password Recovery Lastic automatically cracks multiple MS Word passwords almost instantly regardless of the complexity of a password. It scans a specified folder for all password-protected documents and recovers or removes all passwords from them with a single click of a button. The program supports all MS Word versions and types of passwords, and features simple and intuitive user interface.

Windows Password Recovery Lastic lets you restore access to your system if you lost or forgot your Windows password. Run it on another computer and it creates a bootable USB stick or CD/DVD disk. Boot from it on your computer and the program lists all user accounts it finds, offering you an easy way to remove a password of any of them. Plus it supports saving password hashes for in-depth cracking, and restoring of a previously removed password.

VBA Password Recovery Lastic is software developed to solve one of the frequent problems – recovering of lost passwords. It cracks MS Office documents and instantly restores passwords to VBA projects. The program cracks multiple passwords at once and supports Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook VBA projects in full. A bunch of convenient functions like program password or automatic search at startup plus easy-to-use interface crown the picture.

Outlook Password Recovery Lastic doesn’t let you down when you lost or forgot your Outlook password. The program automatically locates all password-protected PST files on your disk and immediately hacks them to recover your Outlook passwords literally in several seconds. In addition, it also recovers lost or forgotten passwords to mailbox accounts in Outlook, so you’ll never fear of loosing access to your conversation and personal data anymore.