Crack VBA Project Password

VBA Project is a Visual Basic for Applications project data. VBA allows you to add interactive elements to your documents, such as forms, buttons, alerts, and also implement additional functions, perform non-standard calculations or modify a document according to some conditions programmed in a VBA project.

VBA project can be included into any Microsoft Office documents: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outloook. VBA Projects can be protected with a password to restrict access to the source code of the project. Luckily, Office Password Recovery Lastic can recover lost password and provide full access to your VBA project.

To crack a VBA Project password, you need to perform a search for password protected documents. Then, in the summary window select the Microsoft Office VBA Projects category. Then, you should see all documents that have VBA project passwords in them.

Click the Crack button to recover VBA project password in all documents in the list. Passwords of any length and complexity are cracked immediately. You can copy a password to the clipboard using the right-click context menu. Additionally, you can open the corresponding MS Office document simply double-clicking it.

Note that the recovered VBA project password may differ from the original password set in a document. This is true for passwords longer than 3 characters in MS Office 2000-2010. If the program cannot recover the original password it creates a backup copy of the document with the “.bak” extension, changes several service bytes in the binary header of the document and finds the first matching password.