Password Status Codes

Word Password Recovery Lastic recovers or removes various types of passwords in Microsoft Word documents of all supported versions. The password status is displayed in the main window next to the document name.

Here is the complete list of statuses displayed in the list and their descriptions:

Crack – click this to crack a certain password.

<cracking> – signifies that the cracking process is in progress.

<none> means the document has no password, or the password was successfully erased.

<enabled> means the document has a password that you can crack with Word Password Recovery Lastic.

<demo> means you can crack the password for this document only in the registered version of Word Password Recovery Lastic. Click here to learn how to register the program.

<error> – there was some error during cracking of document’s password.

<key not found> – this status means that the Password Server was unable to find the decryption key required to unprotect the document.

<strong> – this status means that the password uses strong encryption algorithm (AES-128). Office Password Recovery Lastic can not recover or remove strong passwords of MS Word 2007/2010 documents, and can only reset password to open in MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003 documents (with standard 40 bit encryption).

<CSP> – the status indicates that the document is protected with a non-standard Crypto Service Provider that is not supported by the program. Word Password Recovery Lastic can not recover or crack passwords in documents protected with non-standard CSP.