Crack MS Office VBA project password

How to crack an MS Office VBA Project password? With VBA Password Recovery Lastic it is easier than you expect. You should either open a document, or run a search for Office documents with VBA project in them. In either case, you will see that document (or documents) in the list:

The table shows documents, their type and associated VBA project password. The status of the password shows if you can crack it or not.

  • <enabled> means the document has a password that you can crack with VBA Password Recovery Lastic.
  • <demo> means you can crack the password for this document only in the registered version of VBA Password Recovery Lastic. Click here to learn how to register the program.
  • <cracking> – signifies that the cracking process is in progress.
  • <error> – there was some error during cracking of document’s password.

Note that the recovered VBA project password may differ from the original password set in a document. This is true for passwords longer than 3 characters in MS Office 2000-2019. If the program cannot recover the original password it creates a backup copy of the document with the “.bak” extension, changes several service bytes in the binary header of the document and finds the first matching password.