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VBA Password Recovery Lastic

Recover VBA project passwords in multiple MS Office documents at once. 

Crack MS Office VBA project password

How to crack an MS Office VBA Project password? With VBA Password Recovery Lastic it is easier than you expect. You should either open a document, or run a search for Office documents with VBA project in them. In either case, you will see that document (or documents) in the list:

Context menu in the passwords list

The table shows documents, their type and associated VBA project password. The status of the password shows if you can crack it or not.

  • <enabled> means the document has a password that you can crack with VBA Password Recovery Lastic.
  • <demo> means you can crack the password for this document only in the registered version of VBA Password Recovery Lastic. Click here to learn how to register the program.
  • <cracking> - signifies that the cracking process is in progress.
  • <error> - there was some error during cracking of document’s password.

Note that the recovered VBA project password may differ from the original password set in a document. This is true for passwords longer than 3 characters in MS Office 2000-2010. If the program cannot recover the original password it creates a backup copy of the document with the “.bak” extension, changes several service bytes in the binary header of the document and finds the first matching password.

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