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Outlook Password Recovery Lastic

Outlook Password Recovery Lastic

Instant PST and mail Password Recovery in MS Outlook with a single click.

Recover Outlook PST files passwords

Recovering Outlook PST files passwords is extremely easy with Outlook Password Recovery Lastic. Indeed, the program works like a charm:

Click the Open button to open a desired PST file or use the Search button instead to scan the entire disk or a folder for any Outlook Personal Folders files protected with a security password. The program displays all PST files it finds in the Outlook PST Passwords tab:

Passwords for MS Outlook PST files

Note that you don’t need to do anything else! The files are already opened and the passwords are automatically recovered and displayed on the screen. The process is almost instant.

Just like with e-mail passwords, you can copy PST passwords to the clipboard, or export all of them to a plain text file.

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