Password Server

Office Password Recovery Lastic uses the remote Password Server to crack password to open in MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003 and MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 documents.

Passwords are cracked with the unique key search function that is hosted at our Password Server. This function quickly finds a decryption key for a certain document and sends it back to the program. Using this key the program resets the password of the document and completely decrypts it. The operation takes no more than 10 seconds and requires an established Internet connection.

Unlike some online-hacking services the program sends to the server cryptographic data only, while all personal information and document contents are never sent. This ensures 100% security of your personal and confidential information.

The entire password cracking process looks as follows:

  • the program connects to the Password Server;
  • the Password Server looks for a decryption key;
  • the Password Server sends the found decryption key back to the program;
  • the program decrypts a password protected document.

After a document has been decrypted you can open it in MS Office as usual. Importantly, Office Password Recovery Lastic always makes a backup copy of a document and works with the copy, while the source document remains intact. The unregistered version of Office Password Recovery Lastic decrypts only a part of a document and adds “(DEMO)” to its file name. The registered version decrypts the entire contents of a document and creates a backup copy of the source file with the “.bak” extension.

Upon purchasing a registration code you are given a certain number of decryption credits (100 credits for Personal license and 200 credits for Business license). Every decryption operation decreases the number of decryption credits by one. When you are out of decryption credits you should purchase another registration code. You can see the amount of decryption credits you have in the Menu -> Help -> Enter registration code dialog.